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NK Racing was formed in 2000, as a result of a hobby getting a bit out of hand. In 1997 I started to build what I imagined to be the ultimate street RD350YPVS. I had a pretty good picture in my mind of what I wanted it to be like and set about building it. Like most well laid plans it altered as I went but in 1999 it was completed and unveiled. During this building process there were many parts, special, one-off parts I needed to make or have made to build the bike, and I spent many hours days and weeks finding and making the necessary bits. During this time I discovered one thing.

Getting one-off bits made for a custom project isn’t as easy as you think. As the project went on, I discovered that some of the people I found would actually teach me how to do some of the things they were doing for me, to use their machinery and equipment, so I could actually make a lot of the parts myself.


When the bike was finished I then started getting two questions continually asked of me.

 1)      How did you do that?

 2)      Could you make me one?

When I answered yes to the second question, NK Racing was formed, and so the hobby began.

Over the last three years the hobby has since spiralled out of control with new product lines being added and projects undertaken for people from making a single component to building a complete bike to customer’s specifications. I have always stayed loyal to the Yamaha Two-Stroke, but have undertaken work for other bikes as well.

In August 2003, I made the decision to give up the “day job” and NK Racing went full time. I worked out of my home for a couple of years, but it didn’t take long before I grew out of my garage, so the business was moved to an industrial unit nearby.

That in itself was like lighting the blue touch paper. I now had 1250 sq ft of unit, and room for all the equipment I wanted. Or so I thought. I have since discovered that you can never have too much space and can never have too much stuff!

Now some 3 years after moving in, much has changed, and much still remains, but with a fully equipped machine shop, with CNC machining, turning, a fully equipped fabrication shop, with TIG & MIG welding, cutting, folding, rolling, swaging and bending facilities, bead blasting, and 3 bike building stations. I really do have the workshop I’ve always wanted.

You will see from the following pages that there are many products available, and new ones are being added all the time. Most of the products are made within my own machine shop, and the ones bought in from other manufacturers are passed on with considerably less mark-up than the big “catalogue suppliers”.  Compare the prices for yourself.

One-off manufacturing is always available, it is how most of the product lines started. If you have a requirement, please call me to discuss it. The business was created to provide products, engineering, and fabrication facilities to enthusiasts at a sensible cost.  Not everyone in this world trying to build something has the budget of a fully sponsored race team.

I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have any suggestions, requests, or wish to place an order, please contact me.

This is continually being updated with new products and information.

Thanks for your interest and business so far, you are all in some way responsible, for making me give up a perfectly good career, to do what I love doing. Making bikes a little bit different from all the others.

Nigel Kimber

copyright 2009 N Kimber